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The big gate of the Ii museum
(which restored the gate of the residence of the Hikone feudal clan in Kyoto)

II MUSEUM is a private art museum of Japanese armors and arms whose amount of collections is one of the greatests  in Japan. Many of exhibits (armor,sword,old documents etc.) are collected by Mr.TATSUO II, the director of Ii Museum and a historian and investigator of Japanese armors and arms. Also for research and investigation purposes, we preserve a large amount of artifacts entrusted by various collectors. Amongst other antique museum, Ii Museum uniquely specializes in historical investigations related to armors and arms in order to empower public eyes to reconsider values of Japanese traditional samurai spirits. The director established KYOTO SENJIN BUGU SHIRYOKAN 20years ago,but it was exclusively opened for researchers. However, due to many requests from armor lovers, he opened a privet museum in 1999. Since then , we have held special exhibitions based on trendy themes, as well as interesting permenent exhibitions every year. Please come and see special armors. We're very looking forward to your visit!

Written by Osamu Ii, the direct posterity of Ii Naomasa

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