Address: Komatsucho 564 Shijo kudaru 4 chome Hanamikoji Higashiyama-ku Kyoto, Kyoto, Japan

Email: kennin@sea.plala.or.jp

Tel: (+81) 075-525-3921

c)Kyoto II museum all rights reserved.

*All photograph, texts, etc. belong to Kyoto II museum and forbids reproducing without notice.

*About the photographs publication of the deposition product from an outsider in this site, we are entrusted with the measures collectively. 

I prohibit unauthorized use and reproduction.

* In this site, most of date are entrusted with for investigation by the outside except date written as "possession of Ii museum"

It seems that the photograph of the deposition article on this site etc. is diverted to some other purpose without notice, and there are those who use for fictitious dealing. Be careful enough in the case of dealings on the Internet.


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